27 Jul 2011

Devil’s Dingle Moth Night

Glow worm Devil's Dingle Moth Night 080711 009

What a great night July 8th, 2011 turned out to be!

Our second trip to Devil’s Dingle was a fine, mainly dry night with just a light breeze, the temperature dropping down to just 13.5 deg C and a light shower at around 3am - not that we really noticed that, tucked up as we were in our sleeping bags then, but come dawn we were emptying the traps and a busy time it was for the three of us who remained all night.

And if you’re wondering what the opening pic is all about - it’s not actually an eerie-looking UFO about to descend on the unsuspecting clan of moth-ers with the threat of possible abduction and integration into an alien society - oh… it’s amazing what imaginative thoughts grab you in dark and remote places very late at night!    No… it was in fact a glow worm - one of 2 we found not far from one of the traps. A search in the vicinity, however,  gave no further records but a useful addition to this wonderful Wildlife Site.

But moths we had galore. Having finally identified her last remaining specimens Liz has added 4 more species to the already impressive count giving no less than 586 individuals across 85 species.

One of Liz’s additions was this lovely micro with the equally lovely name of Aethes cnicana. We didn’t manage a pic on the night so this one comes courtesy of the UK Moths website

Aethes cnicana

We also saw Elephant Hawkmoth

Large Elephant  Hawkmoths 2 July 4 - 2009 097

Poplar Hawkmoth, Nutmeg

Poplar Hawk moth Devil's Dingle Moth Night 080711 028 Nutmeg DD 080711 004

This rather striking Beautiful Golden Y also popped into one of my traps

Beautiful Golden Y Devil's Dingle Moth Night 080711 017

And a micro that I haven’t seen before (in fact this was one of 9 moths new to me from the night). This is Nemapogon cloacella, otherwise known as the Cork Moth. The larva feed on various types of bracket fungus

216 Nemapogon cloacella, the Cork Moth Devil's Dingle 080711

Another first for me was the Brown-line Bright Eye not to be confused with the more common Bright-line Brown-eye, of course!

Brown-line Bright-eye Devil's Dingle Moth Night 080711 016

So an excellent night once again at Devil’s Dingle and my thanks go to Mary Thornton, Community Liaison Officer of the Ironbridge Power Station who kindly arranged access for the night staying with us to help set up and record in the morning.

Devil's Dingle Moth Night 080711 001

Thanks also to Tony and Andy for their records and help with ID’s, not forgetting Keith’s sheet and torch which proved to be a very worthwhile addition with a nice white sheet spread out over his cars’ bonnet proving to be an excellent way to get up close and personal to the moths of the night.

Fellow WuFuV’s Stephen and Margaret also came along and were a great help with erecting the moth pavilion, traps and generally assisting with ID’s etcetera.

Last, but by no means least, for Liz’s contribution using Les’s old trap which for some reason seems to be bringing in far better results than Les ever had! Liz puts this down to the blue handles she’s attached. As that seems to be the only modification I can only assume that’s the reason for her success!

Devil's Dingle Moth Night 080711 003

Catch up with you all soon

Paul Watts