22 Mar 2011

A stroll around Granville

Hi everyone, as it was such a fab sunny spring day today I took myself off to Granville NR to see what the sunshine was enticing out. 

PEW 280211 012

A very pleasant couple of hours was spent rummaging around from way down in the undergrowth right up to tree canopy. Nothing particularly unusual but it’s just good to see the early flora and fauna isn’t it? 

Coltsfoot of course is one of the first spring wild flowers - such a welcoming sight after yet another harsh winter.

PEW 280211 005

Several leaf mines were around including these 2 on Holly and Honeysuckle:

PEW 280211 009Fly leaf mine Aulagromyza hendeliana

 I was hoping these would turn out to be micro-moth galleries but on searching the very comprehensive www.leafmines.co.uk website I discovered they were Diptera. The very common micro-moth gallery of Stigmella aurella was, however, abundant.

And talking of flies…

A pretty looking Green Bottle settled right in front of me and seemed to be saying “look at me, look at me!”

Common Green Bottle - Phaenicia sericata

Amongst the birds I saw were Tree Creeper, Magpie, Coot, Robin, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit and Chaffinch.

A number of Scarlet Elf Cups were also spotted.

PEW 280211 008

And when I got home I was pleased to see the Lily Beetles in the garden had survived the winter.

PEW 280211 002

What was slightly disappointing is that I didn’t spot a single moth! Humbug! Never mind… Friday night is moth night!