14 Dec 2009

Muxton Marsh - Hedge Project

Muxton Marsh is a wonderful oasis in the midst of Telford's urban jungle. As part of the Granville Nature Reserve it's a wildlife jewel that has managed to escape many industrial and residential development threats over the decades and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest to preserve it hopefully for all time!

The Wrekin Forest Volunteers spent 3 days over a 4-week period on further work to the ancient 200-year old hedge that runs through the meadow. Part of this was coppiced and laid earlier this year and it was now time to continue the 5-year project. Huge amounts of brash and scrub were burnt in trimming and coppicing ready for further hedge-laying so a huge fire was built which also helped to keep us all warm, although it's quite remarkable how just a small amount of physical work helps with the internal radiators!

Meanwhile, Rob has his own way of keeping warm as he demo's his Tae Kwon-Do skills on a tree!

And then gets ready for the leap-frogging tournament

Whilst Penny practises a little-known yoga posture

Strange how everyone's hands turn a turquoise hue on cold days and what's Jim doing with that stick! (far right)

Lots of ivy adorning the hedgerow needed clearing and a wonderful crackling sound it makes too when thrown on the fire:-


And finally... It's the return of the much-loved Where Is It? competition. This time you have to name the bridge that this shot of the Wrekin is taken from. Another of my legendary and much sought-after prizes is once more up for grabs!


Bye for now and catch you all soon...